About the work

I find my inspiration in my immediate surroundings, among olive groves and vineyards in the north of Portugal where I live since 2000. I collect all kinds of natural materials, for example, eucalyptus, olive leaves, the galls and everything that is new for me as a Dutch woman. Then I test the materials for usability and durability. Finally I often paint them in bright colors. The combination with copper wire has led to many three-dimensional works . 

Recurring themes are security and protection, while wing shapes symbolize the desire for freedom. 

In the series of works called Tsunami, a mayor role is played by my fascination with the sheer numbers of victims of {natural) disasters. Working with with thousands of identical pieces I try to make thesee numbers more tangible to myself.

Since 2004 I work on a parallel project, the installaton "Going On". All these small objects have, because of the choice of materials, a special meaning to me. Working on the objects inspires my other works, and the other way around. The end of this installation is not in sight yet.